1160 Laurel Creek

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1160 Laurel Creek

1160 Laurel Creek is an infill project that redevelops the currently underutilized business park. The existing site contains 17 acres with approximately 200,000 sq. ft. of buildings and a 17,000 sq. ft. mezzanine that is partially built out. The facilities include office space and mixed use distribution space, as well as general warehouse. The proposed project will reuse the Crux Climbing Gym in the creation of an apartment community that will include a variety of affordable rental apartment configurations, recreation space, community gathering spaces and a clubhouse.

The project proposes 200 overall dwelling unit equivalents, comprising approximately 130,000 square feet on the remaining 6 acres of undisturbed land. The apartments will include 50 studios, 50 junior one-bedrooms, 75 full one- bedrooms and 25 two-bedrooms in different layouts and sizes. The smallest units are 400 square feet. The junior one-bedrooms are 500 square feet. The full one- bedrooms are 600 square feet and the two-bedrooms are 850 square feet. The project provides efficient compact housing for renters of all needs, the single renter to the young family. All units will have amenities like in unit washer and dryers, decks and patios and views of the surrounding mountains.

The living spaces are complimented with an array of support facilities for the residents. Located in the large 217,000 square foot mixed use building is an area called “maker space,” which is a community shared space allowing artists

(woodworkers, metal workers, gardening, graphic designers and other artists) to pursue their crafts in a shared, collaborative space, housing all the necessary tools. In addition to the maker space, the project proposes a “mini maker space,” which would act as a creative alternative to the conventional daycare facility. The project will include a fitness loop around the site that is exactly one-half mile for measured runs. This trail will have fitness stations along the way for pull ups and other exercises. An indoor fitness facility will be included in the large mixed-use building on the ground floor, which will include squash courts and a yoga room for the residents. Additionally, there will be a swimming pool in the courtyard. There will be community activity areas that include a computer lab, ping pong tables, shuffleboard, pool tables, air hockey, foosball and more. There will be a community garden greenhouse and a dog park, along with outdoor movie viewing area and amphitheater. The many community facilities will encourage residents to be outside to congregate with neighbors and guests.

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